Excite Japan

YJ America Business Accelerator provides support
to US startups entering the Japanese market

YJ America
Business Accelerator

Through partnership with the parent company Yahoo! JAPAN,
we create new business opportunities in Japan for our partners.

A WIDE RANGE of services and
one of the LARGEST number of users in JAPAN

  • ID Monthly Active Users
    Approx. 40 million *1
    Monthly Users
    Approx. 60 million *2
    Daily Unique Browsers
    Approx. 90 million *3

    Yahoo! JAPAN has A LARGE
    number of users in Japan

  • Yahoo! JAPAN has expanded its business into many different fields MORE THAN 100 SERVICES..

By partnering with Yahoo! JAPAN, you will be able to quickly expand your business in Japan.
YJ America Business Accelerator is the bridge that will support you.

  1. *1 Number of Yahoo! JAPAN IDs logged-in in March 2017.
  2. *2 Survey by Yahoo! JAPAN (Nov. 2016)
  3. *3 Number of browsers used to view Yahoo! JAPAN services in FY2016-4Q.
    Access via applications and 51 browsers on smartphones are counted separately, even if there is an overlap in users.

5 THINGS YJ America Business Accelerator Will Do for You

  • Market

    We will share with you the unique characteristics of Japanese markets and provide you with the latest information.

  • Product

    We will provide the Yahoo! JAPAN platforms for you.

  • Function

    We will provide business functions such as customer support and logistics.

  • Promotion

    We will promote your business using media owned by Yahoo! JAPAN.

  • Whole Operation

    We will provide total package business solutions and put our experience in lobbying activity for you.

Major Strategic PARTNERSHIPS

  • Criteo

    Yahoo! JAPAN formed a strategic partnership with Criteo in retargeting advertising.

    > MORE
  • Signal

    Yahoo! JAPAN develops a private data management platform for advertisers together with Signal.

    > MORE
  • Taboola

    Yahoo! JAPAN is teaming up with Taboola, a content recommendation provider, to offer content discovery services to millions of users.

    > MORE
  • Videology

    Yahoo! JAPAN makes full-scale entry into premium video advertising business with US video advertising platform Videology.

    > MORE
  • Twitter

    Yahoo! JAPAN starts to sell Twitter ads through its existing ad platform to small and medium-sized advertisers.

    > MORE

Your business is full of potentials. Let us walk together with you
as you take the first steps of your journey to the Japanese market.


YJ America Business Accelerator

1 Circle Star Way, San Carlos, CA 94070


If you have any inquiries or interests about a
partnership, please send an email.